Why is your Amazon account suspended?

Have you ever thought why is your Amazona account suspended? Why do they not allow you to sell anymore? And what should you do to keep selling on Amazon? And now what should you do if your Amazon account has been suspended?

These are a few questions which you need answers of and you possibly don’t want your Amazon account suspended but if it has been suspended what to do. There are all the possible reasons which might suspend your account and what should do to get your account back.

Amazon account suspended
Amazon account suspended

Amazon account suspension can happen because of the violation of rules.

Amazon is the best retail online site and known for its customer service and massive audience, and it has a large number of sellers, selling their different products and Amazon also provides many avenues for the sellers with different plans but the sellers have to follow the rules and in case of violation sellers might face amazon account suspension.

Here is why your Amazon selling privileges have been removed and what might be the reasons behind it.

Why your selling right can be removed?

If your selling privileges are removed here is what might be the reasons behind it.

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Poor Performance

You might face amazon account suspension because of your poor performance, low shipping rate and even worst customer service, it may also include the high defect rate and late delivery rate. And all the other things due to which the customers might face problems.

Violation of amazon policies

Amazon would want to save their buyers from bad sellers and in case the sellers violate the rules they face amazon account suspension and Amazon is never shy about suspending the sellers account to make space for the new sellers so the buyers can have better services.

Violation of selling restricted products

There is a set of things which the sellers are not allowed to sell, the products have to be unique and there is a list already given which the seller has to abide by and sell according to that.

What can you do to keep selling on Amazon?

Here is what you can do keep selling on Amazon if you have faced amazon account suspension these are the few things you can do,

To start selling on Amazon you have to submit the appeal and which you shouldn’t waste but doing anything silly and by making another account by just changing the name and the bank details that will certainly ruin your only chance to keep selling on Amazon.

Writing an appeal

While writing an appeal you need to know the reason behind the suspension and writing it well is the main concern. Writing an appeal in a possible way with all the right reasons and the clarifications that can make it a solid appeal which will help you to work back with Amazon and earn more and more profit with it and for a new business working with Amazon can establish your business more easily.

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