Top 3 Cheap Countries to Visit when Tight on Budget

Who doesn’t love traveling? As years pass by, you start to map out your plans about where to travel next year or in the next holiday season. It’s like a complete bliss from your day-to-day hectic lifestyle. However, when it comes to traveling, money matters the most and if you are someone who needs an escape from usual to-do list and wants a little splash of fun, excitement or just a zen treatment but cannot afford to go bankrupt doing so. Well, you can relate to this then this article is just for you.

What if I tell you don’t need to break the bank to have a luxurious stay during your travel if you chose the right place to travel to. Yes, you heard me right. Here, right now, I am about to list down most cheap countries to visit that will cost you little without compromising on all the fun, adventure and excitement that you desire from your next trip.

1# Indonesia

There is a reason why Indonesia is on the top of the list of the cheap countries to visit list because 1 USD is equal to 14071.65 Indonesian Rupiah as of Feb 2019. However, being it, a cheap country doesn’t stop it from being a bundle of awesomeness as it has beautiful white sand beaches, jungles, picturesque scenery, and opulent royal places. It is without a doubt one of the most amazing places to visit in a few dollars. You can rest pool villas or guest rooms for $20 each day, have a good meal for $3, rent a bike for a few dollars or a car for $15.


2# Mexico

The next on the list is Mexico having it’s delicious, diverse and affordable cuisine; you can fit for tacos for around 30 cents or go royal get kilo seafood for as low as $3. It is famous for its diverse scenery and beautiful beaches. At present, 1 USD is equal to 19.39 Mexican Peso. However, if you are tight on budget, avoid traveling to Mexico in the days from November till March, especially December because the travel expenses during this period are the highest.

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3# India

India is known for its rich culture, historical architecture, spicy and textured cuisine whether you prefer vegetables or meat dishes. It is one of the destinations that is gaining hype each day. Above all, it’s one of the cheap countries to visit, currently, 1$ is equal to 71 Indian Rupees. In just a few cents, as low as 20 cents you have a filling meal that is rich in flavors. Even the hotel rooms are very affordable there, you can accommodate in any decent double bedroom for as low as $3 per day.


Here are the 3 most affordable countries that you must consider while planning on your next holiday or just a random and sudden travel plan. These places will allow you to stretch your dollar to allow you to enjoy more without stressing about the expenses.


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