Spigen Hybrid Series Cases for iPhone XR

Keeping and using an iPhone of any model demands some caution and care so as to preserve the durability and long life of the phone. A strong protective case is often the most basic element of any phone’s maintenance and care, let alone a smartphone. Lots of manufacturers design protective cases for all iPhone models and Spigen is one such producer of iPhone cases. It is well-known for offering solid and durable cases that give ample protection to the phone and keep it safe as well as scratch-free during all the inevitable accidental drops. If you happen to be using the iPhone XR, then the protective cases from Spigen can be a good choice as they are reasonably priced, lightweight, and provide a firm grip on a usually slippery smartphone.

The rear glass design of an iPhone XR gives it a sleek and stylish look that most users like to show off. Therefore, they prefer going for cases that will have a transparent look so that the colorful glass rear of the iPhone XR can be seen in all its stylish glory. However, all things considered, what matters more at the end of the day is to have a phone case that offers the best protection while also looking good on the phone, whether that comes with a transparent or solid back. We will take a look at the Hybrid Series cases for the iPhone XR from Spigen.

Spigen Hybrid Series Cases for iPhone XR
Hybrid Series Cases for iPhone XR

What Does the Hybrid Series Bring to the Table?

The Hybrid Series iPhone XR cases from Spigen can be considered the new leaders in the category of lightweight protective phone cases. Equipped with a new Air Cushion Technology, the Hybrid Series cases are very slim and lightweight yet they provide optimal back and corner protection for your iPhone XR.

Why Buy a Hybrid Series Case from Spigen?

There are a number of good things about the Hybrid Series iPhone XR cases by Spigen. These are discussed below.

  • Extreme Safety from Drops and Scratches

The protective combination of a polycarbonate frame and a TPU back cover enable the Hybrid Series cases to provide total protection to your phone during all types of accidental drops and keep them scratch-free. There is a lot of durability and complete shock protection for your phone thanks to the TPU cover. On the other hand, the polycarbonate frame with UV coating provides extra strength to the case.

Spigen Hybrid Series Cases for iPhone XR


  • Slim Construction Gives a Super-Sleek Aesthetic to Your iPhone XR

The Hybrid Series cases have been designed with the aim of keeping them as thin as possible so that the distinctive and timeless design of the iPhone XR can be expertly protected over the long run. The idea is to follow the contours of the phone and preserve its original appearance as much as possible.

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  • 5mm Protruding Lip to Protect the Screen

The Hybrid Series cases have a slightly enhanced bezel lip which means that the screen of your iPhone XR will not touch the surface when the phone is placed face-down. This keeps the screen safe from any abrasions or scratches that may otherwise happen when the phone is placed that way.


  • An Eye-Catching Two-Toned Finish

The two-tone color combination of the Hybrid Series cases will give your iPhone XR a unique and striking look. The colors are finished with a high-quality UV coating to ensure there is no fading over the long run.


At around $19, these cases are quite economical.


The Hybrid Series iPhone XR cases by Spigen are highly recommended unless you prefer a case with a transparent back.

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