Possible Difficulties Encountered By The Sellers On Amazon

Being a merchant on Amazon is great. One can get more purchase orders on Amazon than on any other site of the same nature. Overall, selling through an online platform as reputed as amazon automatically means your services and products are sold more. On an average, approximately an overall increase by 3 times is experienced by merchants in profits after joining Amazon.

However, this long road to success never takes one to the beautiful destination easily. One has to put in blood and sweat so as to accomplish something at Amazon.

There are a lot of darker and harder realities that can hit you like someone doing his business on Amazon. Where the world of internet is full of praises favoring Amazon, no one warns you about the deeper complications. Let us talks about the Cons of being at a seller at Amazon here below. Before reading, be sure that these hardships aren’t meant to make you leave Amazon’s world. Tackling them smartly will surely bring you the sweeter fruits.

Possible Difficulties
5 Possible Difficulties

A Tougher Competition

This is something that has been affecting almost every vendor on Amazon for the past few years. With the increasing pace of the world’s trade, more people find a way to sell their products through Amazon. One product is now being sold by almost hundreds of seller at the same time and in same prices. This not only makes it difficult for the customers to make a choice but also is a Catch-22 for retailers. In order to receive more orders for such products that are so common, you must put in an effort.

Restrictions and Prohibitions

The fear of being watched on Amazon is a real one for every supplier. Being on Amazon means you have minimum control over what you do. All the steps a seller follows on Amazon are already decided. You cannot sell the gated products no matter how illogical the ban on there seems to you. You cannot even ask for the reviews yourself neither you can ask the consumers to follow your social media IDs.

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Fees and Commissions

Thought you can avail all the facilities offered by Amazon without having to pay a penny? That’s where you are wrong. Nothing at Amazon and by Amazon is free of cost. There are a lot of fees you have to pay alongside a considerable tax deduction. Moreover, there are charges per order that one receives in certain cases too. The charges of FBA and shipping are a separate thing too.  Nevertheless, if paying all these leaves you with an amount you consider enough, paying these all is worth it.

Managing Things Can Get Harsher At Times

Imagine you start getting a  lot of orders after spending some months of patience and hard work at the Amazon. The challenges are still not vanished yet. Once famous, one gets so many orders that are very tough to handle. Make sure you tackle these with intelligence and not with emotions.

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