Nomad Rugged Case For iPhone XS

There is no divided opinion on the beauty of iPhone XS. This sleek and stylish entity has had us all wishing we could get our hands on it no matter how broke we are. Soon after getting your hands on the all-new iPhone XS and unboxing it, one tough choice which everyone has to make is about the kind of protective casing one will be investing in for their iPhone.

No matter how rich you are or how easily you got your hands on the all-new iPhone XS, the idea of getting it damaged will be the worst nightmare you can ever have. Instead of crying over the spilled milk after your phone has been completely damaged because God forbid, you dropped it down; it is much better to invest some amount sensibly in buying a reliable case for your phone.

iPhone XS
Nomad Rugged Case

The all new Nomad case for your iPhone XS is the actually rugged beauty you have always been looking for your phone. Let us talk about this sleek guard for your phone in the following lines.

What Are Its Distinguishing Features?

Who doesn’t want a minimalistic style in reasonable price? This Nomad Rugged case comes with a promise of class and elegance along with ensuring that your iPhone won’t be sensitive to breakage upon falling down from any height. Encapsulating a sturdy guard, this lightweight case put only a little more weight in your pocket which is, no doubt, worth it when it comes to securing your mobile.

Nomad Rugged Case
Case For iPhone XS

This case is made up of high-quality polycarbonate fibers and mixes the imported high-quality Horween leather that gets tapered with timely use and brings a unique personal touch to your case.

The cover has slightly raised edges to make sure that the screen of your phone does not touch the grounds upon falling down and hence is saved from breaking. After all, no iPhone user can endure the pain of getting the screen broken down.

The case is sure to provide a 6 feet drop protection and this insurance comes in part because of the tough Horween leather and in part because of its raised edges. What adds more to the wroth of this case is that it is compatible with both Qi wireless and Apple AirPower.

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The leather is vegetable tanned with perfectly high graded processes and equipment like waxes and oils that ensure it won’t get damaged over time. The patina this rugged case develops is something which is aimed to make you develop a personalized connection with your cover. With a style going back to 19th century, the tanned leather is scratch resistant and never developed discoloration over time. Pure American class this cover possesses is all that we need.

This all-new case is 33% thinner which ensures less bulk and lightweight and easy handling for the phone.

Pricing Details

You can get your hands on this all-new stylish and perfect cover in just $44.95 from the Nomads official site.

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