Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case For iPhone XS

We think and you all will agree that our suit’s pockets are not briefcases. Stuffing all that we want to carry with us in our feeble pockets is not an idea that comes out of a sensible mind at all. Other than your wallet and phone, one thing which adds too much to the pocket’s weight is the weight of the protective cover you have for the phone.

Despite caring for the weight to put in your pockets, it is inevitable not to have a good protection cover for your phones. No matter how much heavy they make your phones, there is no use of spending so much on an expensive handset only to get it damaged after just one fall. Then what can one do to avoid excessive weight on the pockets alongside keeping the phones secure too?

Mujjo, world’s leading iPhone accessories retailers, have solved this dilemma through their all-new premium leather wallet case for iPhone XS.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case For iPhone XS
Leather Wallet Case For iPhone XS

Features To Love

Now iPhone XS users only have to take care of the keys taking a little bit of space in their pockets all day. Mujjo’s inventive leather wallet case is an idea of brilliance that ensures maximum safety of your iPhone XS alongside maintaining the premium elegance and grace which suits your individual style.

With a pouch at the back where you can store all your money and cards easily, this case has been specifically designed to fulfill all your phone’s protection needs alongside being a good replication for those heavy, bulky wallets you once used to keep with you all the time.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case For iPhone XS
Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case For iPhone XS

Making your everyday routine calmer than before, this case ensures that your phone becomes more of an advantage to you. Put all your essentials in the leather pocket at your phone’s back and you are all set for a fuss-free day.

Mujjo’s case for iPhone XS is made up of pure leather of outside and has intricately woven microfibers on its inside providing it with a sleek and slim yet tough built. What adds more to the look of this wallet is the inclined adjacent line of the pocket on its outside which has a much better look than those ordinary wallet phone cases.

It is always the finest detailing which matters and the enclosed keys and perfect classical seaming of the outer leather folder is its detailing which demands attention. Opening and camera buttons have a little tapering towards the inside so as to assist easy usage.

iPhone XS’s glass screen requires a lot of care and this case ensures this need with is a little bit raised corners that provide excessive protection on dropping.

The leather finish of this case gradually undergoes some changes as you begin to use the case more and more giving a personalized feel to your leather wallet cover.

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Pricing And Details

After reading all these details, the desire to get this cover is simply irresistible. You can get this cover from Mujjo’s site in just 41.24 Euros.

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