CASE-MATE Tough Case for iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is Apple’s flagship phone that took the world by storm. The phone is equipped with an A12 Bionic Chip and has a refined face ID lock feature which was first introduced in the iPhone X. It has an OLED display which makes pictures look more exuberant than ever before.

The iPhone XS has a dual camera at the back and has 4K video capture which makes it a phone almost perfect for taking pictures. With a starting price of $999 this phone is an expensive luxury. One should keep this asset protected as it would really hurt if your delicate iPhone falls to the ground and breaks into pieces. The case we are reviewing today is the CASE-MATE Tough Case for iPhone XS.

CASE-MATE is one of the front-runners in the industry of stylish phone covers and mobile accessories. They make mobile cases that provide premium protection to your mobile phones and designs that compliment your style. The unique thing about CASE-MATE is that they are confident about the quality of their products to the point that all their cases, screen protectors and Qi wireless chargers have a lifetime warranty. Now that is something that really gives their clients an assurance that they can trust CASE-MATE.

iPhone XS
iPhone XS case

iPhone X Review

  • Material

The CASE-MATE Tough Case has a polycarbonate frame.


  • Colors

The CASE-MATE Tough Case is available in Black, Clear, Green/Pink Neon and Turquoise/Purple Neon.


  • Price

The CASE-MATE Tough Case is available at a price of $35 USD.


  • Pros

The case really gives your phone a wow factor with its Green/Pink or Turquoise/Purple Neon making your phone looks like eye-candy for everyone to see. CASE-MATE guarantees a 10-foot drop protection, which means that your phone is protected against your day to day fumbles. The Tough Case has flexible sides for enhanced grip.

iPhone XS
iPhone XS case

The CASE-MATE rocks a one-piece platform design keeping it minimal and not over-complicating the design. The case compliments the iPhone XS design as the case doesn’t add thickness to your phone, maintaining a slim design making it pocket-friendly. The case has refined colored metallic buttons to give it a stylish look and doesn’t leave your side buttons looking bear.

The CASE-MATE Tough Case is Qi wireless charging compatible making it possible to keep the cover on at all times. Along with all these qualities CASE-MATE also provides a lifetime warranty if the Tough Case does not match the specifications provided by Case-Mate


  • Cons

The phone case is not military-grade tested to provide protection against dust and water. The Tough Case does not provide a camera guard leaving the back camera completely vulnerable. The case is not as durable as other cases you can find in this price range. The design seems cool if you’re in your late teens but isn’t exactly fit for every situation. It doesn’t give your phone a premium look that other cases do.


  • Our Verdict

The case is perfect for day to day use as it provides ample protection. The case supports wireless charging and is pocket-friendly. In our eyes the CASE-MATE Tough Case is a hit and is one case we recommend you invest in!



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