An iPhone that is all display” is what the chief design officer at Apple said while announcing the all-new iPhone X. It really has been a breakthrough in the era of smartphones but the most important question asked is if it’s really worth spending a large chunk of your hard earned money on.


And if you decide to purchase it, how are you planning to keep it safe?


iPhone X comes up with a 5.8-inch Super Retina display backed with the HDR and True Tone. It also claims to be water and dust resistant which means that it leaves less of a challenging task for the cover you chose to protect it but as it has adopted an OLED screen in this model it’s screen would not be as damage resistant as the previous LCD screen was.


 The Baseus ultra-thin protection case for iPhone X is a choice that would enhance the look of your extravagant phone which you wouldn’t want to hide away under wraps while adding to its sustainability with its waterproof and dust resistant qualities. It is a hundred percent compatible with iPhone X’s latest wireless charging feature in the market and also supports Apple Pay. You will experience no interference with your new wireless charging technology as it is compatible with most commercially available wireless chargers. The specialized coating on the Baseus Ultra-thin Protection case provides long-lasting protection from scratches and scrapes. The case also features raised bezel to life screen and camera off the flat surface which is proven to be a handy feature when you accidentally drop it. The transparent body reveals and boosts the newly designed glass backing of the new iPhone X truly complimenting the flagship phone.
Iphone x
I phone x


 It is made of high-quality plastic with an anti-oil layer and its relevant slim fit ensures that the case will provide you with a durable covering for your phone along with a convenient ergonomic grip viable for day to day use.


Amzer iPhone XS Case


 You have a number of options when it comes to colors that you can pick from such as Red, White, Dark Blue and Black


 At a price of $14.95 this is a practical and affordable option for a phone case as after spending lavishly on your iPhone it is quite certain that this will not seem like a very high price to protect your phone.


 We have come to the conclusion that the Baseus Ultra-Thin Phone Case is definitely a viable option if you’re looking for a reasonably priced cover for your iPhone X and attempting to attain its sleek quality and design while keeping it safe from water, dust and breakage. Its precision cut outs make it extremely convenient to use and the price tag clearly shows that it is not overpriced and with the protection it provides it’s a cover one should definitely get.


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