Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case

Keeping an iPhone requires utmost care because it is a very delicate device at the end of the day. What can be a better way to overcome this problem than by buying a case that is specifically designed by Apple itself for each and every specific phone? A leather case has been specially designed for iPhone 6 and it makes the phone look more elegant.

Overall Look and Design

The leather cases specially designed for the iPhone 6 are made from European leather which is tanned and finished to give the users a luxurious feel. Even with the case, the iPhone 6 looks slim and similar to what it would have looked like without that case.

Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case
Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case

Protection and Security

Not only does this Apple-designed case make the iPhone 6 look more attractive but it also provides it with the necessary protection required to keep the phone safe and secure at all times. The case has a special feature to protect the phone inside it. There is a soft microfiber lining which is inside the cover and which protects the phone from anything getting inside the cover like dust. It also provides full protection during accidental drops.


This cover comes in four different colors. They are Midnight Blue, Saddle Brown, Black, and Red. There is a special purpose behind the red color. Every purchase from apple that has a red color will contribute to a charity campaigning for prevention against AIDS.

Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case
Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case

Flaws in the Material

Firstly, as classy as a leather cover sounds, it doesn’t stay the same. With time the leather cover gets dirty and the stains persist. As the cover ages further, it gets dirtier. Even Apple agrees to this flaw in the material they have used.

Secondly, Apple clearly mentions that the case is scratch-proof. However, this is not the case. Scratches can form very easily and because of the nature of the material, they are more prominently visible and make the cover look very cheap when it is actually quite expensive.

Moreover, the color of the leather is such that when used with wet hands, the color starts to come off. Furthermore, when it is kept in that condition at any surface, stains begin to form. For example, if the cover is wet and you keep it on your couch, there is a chance that it causes stains on the couch.

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Flaws in the Design

There is one additional problem that has been noticed which is that the case does not fit well on the iPhone 6. This makes the problem worse than it might actually be. Because of this flaw, the buttons on the side do not align properly.


This iPhone 6 protective cover is available at a price of $45 on the official Apple website as well as in stores around the world. However, keeping in mind its features and flaws, it is not a cost-effective idea to spend on this case as there are cheaper cases with much more durability, protection, and additional features available.

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