Amazon Seller Do’s and Don’t

When you are given a global platform to start and run your business, you ought to follow the provider’s rules and regulations. As an Amazon seller account holder, you agree to oblige with their rules. If you try to deviate from that then suspension would waiting for you.

Amazon, which was established in 1994 has worked with millions of retailers and their products. They put you and your item on the e-commerce map. So, to maintain your reputation and prevent yourself from getting kicked out, there are certain things to keep in mind. If you follow these do’s and don’ts you maintain smooth sales and profit from them. If you don’t show your professionalism and maintain your shortcomings, it will be only a matter of time before they suspend or ban you.

Amazon Seller Do’s and Don’t
Amazon Seller Do’s and Don’t

The Essential ‘Do’s’

  • Maintain your sales and know the competition. If you want your Amazon seller account to exist for a longer time, you have to work hard for it. Have a low order defect rate and prevent your sales from decreasing. As, if your sales start plummeting, your account will be sacked.
  • Show what you sell. Manage your product description and image to match the product. If you wish to maintain your Amazon seller account status, build a close connection with buyers and tend to their needs. Answer queries and feedback and keep quality control.
  • Decide on a product. If you want to make your Amazon seller account a success, weigh in the pros and cons of selling an item. You should know its demand, the government and Amazon policies regarding the product you want to sell. You also need to study your competition. Know their price range in which they offer that product.
  • Have the adequate storage for the product and a good supplier to back up demand. Brace yourself for increased orders if your product catches the buyer’s eye.


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The Imperative ‘Don’ts’

  • If you have an Amazon seller account, till now you would understand the imperative status of their buyers. If you make the buyers unhappy, you make Amazon unhappy, as buyers are the sole reason your product is being sold. If you don’t maintain customer relations or pay heed to their questions of feedbacks. It will result in increased order cancellations and plummeting You are also not to divert Amazon’s customers away to other websites or accounts. Know that it was Amazon who provided your Amazon seller account the global customer platform. If you use hyperlinks or URLs in emails or messages your Amazon seller account will be suspended.
  • One Amazon seller accounts for one seller. Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. If you need another Amazon seller account within reason, you can ask Amazon for the privilege.
  • Don’t sell restricted items. If you happen to sneak in a wanted item in your product list, but it is not allowed to sell. You can say goodbye to your Amazon seller account.

For your Amazon seller account to be a success, you need to keep in line with Amazon’s rules and regulations. Following them will keep things going smoothly, so read them carefully before signing up.

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