Did you know? 50 percent of buyers use Amazon as their first choice of e-commerce when doing online survey for shopping. So if you are seller hoping to start your online business venture or a young entrepreneur and you don’t have an account on Amazon Seller Central, you are missing out! Amazon is the biggest player in the e-commerce arena.

Before discussing the uses, potential opportunities and advantages of Amazon Seller Central, it is important for you folks, to understand what it is in the first place, especially in contrast to Amazon Vendor Central. You might think that both are the very same, used for the purpose of connecting buyers with sellers, it is not that simple! As Amazon Seller Central is structurally very different and fits well for a certain seller types.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Let’s start folks! If you are doing business through an Amazon Seller Central, it means that you are in direct control of your product listings, the pricings of your products and the marketing of your goodies, in other words, through Amazon Central, your target audience is Amazon’s customers directly.


Amazon Seller Central is the web interface through which sellers and brands merchandize their products/services directly to the customer base of Amazon, rather than Amazon. If you’re on Amazon with an account of Seller Central, you would technically be categorized by the bigwigs as third-party trader.

Things to know!

Now you should keep in mind that as a third-party brand, you can control the selling of your goods, handle the delivery, returns and customer service yourself or you can be a part of FBA program by Amazon under which, the e-commerce giants would handle the service for you. If you are a seller who wants more control over your merchandise’s messaging then Amazon Seller Control is the tool to go for, as opposed to the vendor control service by Amazon.


Quick Features

  • Easy Access for sellers
  • Direct connection with buyers
  • Faster payments
  • Control over logistics
  • Difficult sales process
  • Less access to advertising tools

Amazon Seller Central Uses

  1. You start-up sellers having a smaller operation can use Amazon Seller Central to directly connect to your target audience and control the marketing, customer service, pricing yourself without intrusion from the company. In short, if you own have a smaller supply and want to build your own brand, Seller Central is the appropriate platform.
  2. You can use the analytical services provided by Amazon Seller Central for building your brand on Amazon. The huge amount of customer data is provided to you without any fee. You can use that to decide the type of products you would want to continue with in the future.
  3. Worried because your competition is making for profit than you? Not anymore! With Amazon’s Seller Central, you can control your retail price allocation to each product you sell, so you are up to speed with your profit margin.
  4. You can use you Seller Central account to prevent distributing and other partners from remarketing your product without consent, hence, you can have better messaging control.

There you have it, fellow sellers! Use Amazon Seller Central more strategically to get sky-rocketing sales and profits.

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