6 Tips for Solo Female Travel in India

The rich culture and diversity you got to see in India are matchless and every traveller-cum-explorer should visit this region for once in a lifetime. But there’s a catch 22 as if you’re a female this place isn’t meant for you to travel alone. At least, this is what people around say about this place. But as a wise man once said don’t believe something unless you experience it yourself. It won’t be an exaggeration that my experience in India was exactly opposite to what I heard in the first place ‘rapes’, ‘filth’, ‘diarrerho’, and ‘conservative people’.

Still, there were many gains of the first outing I had there and that’s what I summed up Tips for Solo Female Travel in India for all those looking to visit this country. Let it be mentioned apart from the visual treat, there were dozens of positive gains of traveling this most popular South Asian country.

6 Tips for Solo Female Travel in India
 Solo Female Travel in India

Never mind the celebrity Status

Even if you’re on the road or at some public place in India, don’t get annoyed if you’re treated like a celebrity. It is something happening with every foreigner, and when you’re a female foreigner it just gets 10x more than that. So, be very prepared if people are stopping you for a selfie, asking you weird questions or even asking to offer them visa right at the moment.  Rather than getting offended of all this, you should act as one celebrity and take everything as normal.

Don’t wear skirts or shorts

Being a solo female traveler in India from US or anywhere from Europe makes you conspicuous not only because of your complexion but dressing too. Still, we’d recommend you to dress up modestly while you’re on move in India. Even if you want to stick to your culture and wear the westerners over there; try wearing something less revealing.  In case you’re wearing skirts or shorts on the roads, don’t tell us about those awkward stares at you, making you feel like an alien at that place.

Don’t wear skirts or shorts
don’t wear skirts or shorts

Don’t ignore the slightest of Eve-teasing

Treating people with decency is something that should be on the cards wherever you travel across the globe. But don’t let that overpower you as you can’t ignore any of the untoward incidents you come across. Even if it’s the slightest of eve-teasing, voice against it and let the authorities know about it. In case you just ignore this worse act, it could lead to worst as the culprits can feel confident about not reacting in the first place.

Even everything is great

don’t trust/rely on someone
don’t trust

If you feel like coming across some sound minds in India is as tedious as the quest for unicorn then you’re wrong. You’ll find some great minds topped up with positive vibes all the time. In case you don’t believe us, don’t forget Google’s current CEO Sundar Pichai hails from India. The point is you’ll find many nice people on your trip to India but still, you aren’t supposed to rely on someone. It’s just a precaution following the poor track record of female rapes that exist in this part of South Asia. The bottom line is to share thoughts and hang out with local people there but doesn’t trust with monies and your dignity as well.

Respect Clock

What would be a shocker to many of you guys is time also speaks for your character. An example of that is if you’re a female and out of home at 2 am, you’re taken as one characterless person in the society.  Cutting it short, going out of home after 9 is still taken as one awful activity. On the other hand, the early risers are actually taken as responsible citizens.

Never get in a debate with someone

Even if you’re winning it, never get in a debate with some while traveling in India. Sorry to say but intolerance is prevalent in this part of the world and their orthodox natures makes them feel foreigners are antagonists in their lives. They actually feel insecure about their traditions and activities as they somehow feel like foreigners demolishing or impacting them in one or other way.

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